1. I went on a real vacation to Kauai last week (a new blog post to follow shortly) and I feel amazing. I just realized that I didn’t know what it actually meant to take a vacation. It’s hard to understand when you don’t have real responsibilities before marriage, work and children. Now I am a working mom with a toddler, wife, friend, etc. and I was exhausted. On vacation, my husband and I did exactly what we wanted. My daughter came along as well and we just needed that time to reconnect and relax.
  2. It’s the first day that I have worn jeans, long sleeves and boots and I’m not at all hot. I feel cozy and have been so much more productive today.
  3. I have a couple of cute items coming in the mail for fall. I really am cleansing my closet lately and determined to ease up on all of the junk. I just realized that it’s not only that it’s clutter, it’s that I don’t have time to take care of everything.
  4. My daughter is hilarious right now. Yesterday, my dad thought he lost his wedding ring. I asked C if she knew where it was. She said, “Yes, I put it back. I put it in the box.” We could not figure out what she meant but she kept saying it with so much certainty. She put it in the washing machine! It cracked us up, because technically she did put it in the box.
  5. This should be number one, because in my heart it is… but my husband just passed the bar exam. I’m in awe of his intelligence and so proud of him. I had the opportunity to tell him that he passed and it was definitely one of the top 5 moments of all time for me to share that awesome news with him. The State posts a list of all of the successful exam takers on a specified day, so that is how I was able to know if anyone wondered.
  6. Do you ever really want something, but the wait and wanting it is better than having it? I think I really want the pillows from the St.Regis that we stayed at on Kauai and the room spray as well. I put it in my online cart and it was somewhere around $400, so I decided I didn’t need it. I just like the thought. Do you have anything like that?
  7. My husband and I’s social life is finally picking up. We had something to do every night last week and it was way too much, but I am thankful we have friends after moving to a new city with a new baby.
  8. My daughter is such a performer and I started her in a one-day-a-week performing arts school. It was an inexpensive find and fortunately a great one. She was one of the only kids who didn’t cry and was so happy to meet new people. I was really proud of her, because I don’t think my husband or I would have been so outgoing. It is awesome to see that even at a young age they have amazing qualities.
  9. I am reading Adam Gopnik Paris to the Moon and am really enjoying it. I love how Paris is something different for everyone and I never get tired of reading what Paris is to someone else at a certain point in time and at a certain point in their lives. So many people want to claim that they know Paris better, are more Parisian and almost claim Paris, but it’s not at all about that. It’s about what Paris gives to you, which is a lot, but different for everyone.
  10. My husband offered to make my favorite drink for me every morning and it’s not an easy one. I will have to post the recipe once we perfect it. I like to drink a Nonfat Dirty Chai Tea Latte with Sugar Free Coconut Flavoring. I find it helps keep me full in the morning and also helps with digestion. I’m also planning on finding a simple, small breakfast to eat alongside as well.
  11. My daughter is starting to play with dolls and figurines more. She likes to give them a little dialogue and have them cook dinner, etc. It’s really helped me interact with her, because I just feel like it’s an age and mentality that comes more naturally to me.
  12. I love that this summer people were really into “French Girl Style”. It kind of feels similar to when hip hop started its obsession with Paris. I get a little bit of bragging rights, like, yeah, I know it’s cool, that’s why I have been there all this time. I’m also much better at “French Girl Style” because I really enjoy being on the more natural end of the style/beauty spectrum and am very against any fashion that tries too hard to objectify the woman. I have to admit that I do get a little caught up with all of the perfection that the US demands when I live here, but it’s nice to see the push for natural beauty and embracing femininity without sacrificing identity. I suppose it’s an attitude more than a style.