If you are like me, traveling is an incredibly exciting time! I love to research everything about the place that I’m going and plan every detail down to what I will wear on the plane.

Airport Fashion is buzzing these days, but I have posted a tried and true outfit that follows my few travel criteria. Oh and also, I’m a usually traveling with a cute little pumpkin, named C, so having a major fashion moment isn’t exactly my goal.

1.) Cover everything. The main reason I do this is cleanliness. I have this weird thing about my skin touching armrests and seats. Long sleeves, long pants, scarf, etc. Also, airplanes get cold. Also, with a toddler you are up and down and all around sometimes, so it’s safer that you will look a little better from every angle when everything is covered.

2.) Dark/neutral colors. It’s much easier to be chic in dark colors and also easy to layer. Everyone has a couple of neutral staples they can through together. Dig to the back of your closet for that black turtleneck or a camel sweater like the one pictured above.

3.) Flats. Chic, comfortable, easy to slide off and on. One way to keep your feet clean in security is to save your old nylons/tights and cut them off at the ankles. Slide them on and where them through security and when you get through the line and go to put your shoes back on, just pull them off and throw them in the garbage!

4.) Silk Scarf. Spruce up that neutral outfit and add another level of chic.

5.) A simple catch-all purse. I let C have a bag for her toys and activities, but I will keep the essentials in my purse. This Rebecca Minkoff is a perfect size and so easy to carry with the shoulder bag or satchel option. I also keep a backpack myself for my computer and camera.