My husband and I cruise around on our scooter in Paris while our daughter spends quality time with her French grandparents. We love to bring her home a little something, especially books that we can take home that will help with her French. We loved the quality of this Kididoc “Mon Imagier…” books and she loves them too. Each page has a solid interactive part to it. They don’t wear down and we know she will be using the book for a long time. The pictures are simple and she recognizes each food or body part right away. These books are part of our daily routine.

Music to my bloody ears

This harmonica and flute were our favorites. I love the effort French companies put into their toys. 5 euro and you get a piece of metal and a real feeling harmonica. Our daughter really blows into that flute and it can make some serious noise, but when she puts her hand on her belly and bows after, you forget about the unreperable hearing damage.

Who's a puppet?

The puppets were a gift from Constance’s aunt and uncle. Puppets are something that seems to be a little more prevelant in France. My sister-in-law described how they often play for an hour with puppets once a week at her toddler’s daycare. We have been having fun with these. We love the classic design.

Gotta love Tchoupi

We love Tchoupi books and have plenty at home. We needed a 3D Tchoupi to add to the party. We found this one at fnac. It was 12.99 euro which is pricey enough for the size, but online I noticed they are pricier. We have a long history with Tchoupi so we scrouged up the cash for our new pocket-sized friend.

Musical Books

More books, but we love books. My husband is an avid classical music listener and I am not. These books have even helped me associate the right melodies with the right composer. I can’t believe I’m telling people that, but seriously, C is a fan. I’m a fan and my husband is a fan. So far, we have about 5 of these books and the music is still working on every page. I say that’s decent quality! No batteries required.