Pregnancy the second time around has been so different yet so familiar. What is wonderful about experiencing pregnancy for the second time is the reduced amount of anxiety. Every little symptom has not led to endless amounts of googling and scanning of forums looking for reassuring answers.

It is crazy that in 3 short years, there are so many new baby products on the market. I have to admit, even though the nice part of having a second baby girl is reusing a lot of the same clothing, it’s really tempting to try some of the new products. There is a lot more confidence in spending money wisely this time and a large amount of hesitation before I do buy something new.

What I learned with the first is that new mothers are easy to market to. You don’t know what to expect and are about to take on the biggest responsibility of your life… taking care of a completely dependent human. Thus, ready to buy anything that someone promesses that you need.

In this post, I am going to break down what I used and will be using from the first pregnancy. Then I am going to share a few products that I have purchased after some advice from reliable friends and also some products that I just didn’t have space for living in a small apartment in Manhattan.

Products that will be used/purchased again:


Buying a basic white crib was one of the best decisions I made the first time around. So far, any changes in the nursery have been no issue with this crib. Also, it’s nice and great quality.

The California Baby shampoo has been great thus far. Buying all natural shampoo is important for me and I love the smell of this one. Water Wipes are another all natural product that we absolutely depended on in the beginning 6 months to a year. They help tremendously in the reduction of diaper rash and skin irritation.

Not everyone loves this type of pacifier, but we had great luck with them. I love that you can put your finger in the hole. Another bonus is that our daughter weened herself off of the pacifier by herself with these. They are also attached to the Wubbanub which is a genius product.

The Kissy Kissy pajamas are wonderful because of the Peruvian cotton. They are comfortable and perfect for the heat of summer. My due date is July 20th. It was beyond tempting to buy the frilly little girl outfits the first time around, but they were useless. A lot of things went unworn and we ended up just buying a lot of basic pajamas on Amazon. I love the magnetic ones that are linked above as well.

The Rock’n’Play was life saving. I bought this after the baby came because it wasn’t until then that I realized how much sense it made.

The Mamaroo was our lifesaver. We call it the Cadillac at our house.

The muslin Aden & Anais blankets were useful. We swaddled and used them throughout the summer because of their breathability. They are also easy to store and pull out at random times when you need a nursing cover or are desperate for a surface to change the baby.

The Boppy is great for nursing moms and tummy time.

Now onto some products that I’m looking forward to using this time around:

As I mentioned above, I did not have a lot of space when C was born. One thing that I promised myself this time around was a rocker. I cannot wait to sit and rock this little baby in her nursery.

My mom actually bought me the halo bassinet. I’m not sure if I would have bought it on my own, but I have heard great things. We will see!

Being close to my parents and with my brother having a newborn, we decide to get the same strollers and carseats so between all of us, we will not have to switch any bases.

The Dock-a-Tot has rave reviews amongst my fellow mothers of newborns. Cannot wait to try. The portability looks like a huge bonus.

The last thing that I purchased was a changing table and pad. I am looking forward to not having to get on the ground and change a baby after delivery!

Some things that we are on the fence about:

A baby monitor… There is part of me that really wants one, but the other part of me says we didn’t use one last time and I kind of like that I didn’t hear every little noise and peep if she was sleeping. I feel like “the pause” contributed to C being a great sleeper.

Bottle warmer/wipe warmer… We just never had one and didn’t seem to miss it.

Baby wraps… We have the ergo and used it a few times. We are just more stroller people and didn’t run into a lot of situations where we used the carrier.

A new play gym… I will probably amazon this when the time is right. I just don’t want it hanging around until we absolutely need it.

All in all, when it comes down to a newborn, all one really needs is the absolute basics… clothing, a way to feed the baby, clean the baby, diapers, pacifiers and a place for the baby to sleep. The rest is really icing on the cake. My advice to first time moms is start slow with acquiring baby gear and purchase as it comes. That’s the nice thing about living in a world with Amazon Prime.

Thanks for reading.