Traveling with kiddos can be exhausting. For us, the time we spend at our destination is usually restful and fun, but our flights are another story. Lately, we have been making them more often.  As a pretty sensitive being, I tend to feel bloated, fatigued, constipated and my skin feels foreign to me.

Over time, I have perfected my post travel procedure that de-bloats, detoxes and refreshes. It helps me keep all of the restful and happy moments that we just gained from being ruined by a long flight.

Start the night before you actually travel. Try to have a meal that is light in carbs, salt or whatever tends to make you bloat. Those two are the culprits for me. My water retention capabilities could be in the book of world records. I gain 5 pounds just from stepping on a flight. So the first step is to start downing the water! I am actually at the tail end of this very post travel ritual right now and last night I drank almost 3 bottles of water before going to bed. That way I have time to use the restroom plenty before getting on the plane.

An omelet or some fruit and veggies are a great way to start the morning along with some nuts. I had coffee this morning, but should have probably went with matcha or a different tea. Coffee dehydrates a little bit more.

I personally don’t mind airplane food, but to avoid water retention I try to avoid it on the way home. Today, we didn’t have any dining options, so that was easy enough. I had a caprese salad and felt refreshed after.

Once you are home, it’s time to put the little one(s) to bed and really get into the routine.

  1. Draw a hot bath and I mean very hot! (Not safe for pregnant women) I use Lush bath bombs and have posted my favorite ones here. For this routine, my favorite is The Comforter and The Metamorphosis. Also add epsom salts to help with the detox. I use Whole Foods bath salts or some from my local grocery store. I’m convinced they are all very similar so I just look for best value.
  2. Start your essential oils diffuser. I am not at all an essential oils pusher. I actually didn’t even know that my oils were “essential” and had just bought this diffuser from Muji because it made me feel so calm. I use eucalyptus typically, but lavender could be a great option for this routine. Also, I light a candle!
  3. Tea time! I love Kusmi Tea. Everything from the packaging, accessories, to the great quality tea is amazing in my book. I go for the detox tea in this instance. Algothe is my favorite, but it does keep me wired for longer.
  4. Dry brush the crap out of yourself. This is crucial for a successful cure to the effects of long periods of air travel. The water retention really affects my circulation and dry brushing has really helped. It also take off dead skin and it feels so clean and smooth afterword. So worth it for just getting that yucky airplane feeling off of you.
  5. Make sure all of your make up is off! I use Bioderma makeup remover.
  6. Soak and sweat! I like the kind of bath that gets your heart rate pumping a little faster than just your sitting rate. Light a candle, put on some music, an audiobook, meditate or even watch a show. I have a personal rule that reality tv, social media and anything that could put yucky crap or feelings in your brain is out. This is about self-care.
  7. Once the water starts to cool or you’ve had enough. Slowly and carefully get out of the bath. Make sure not to get up if you are feeling dizzy. Instead drain the tub, add some cool water on a washcloth and take it easy. Text your partner.
  8. I personally like to lie on the ground in my towel and cool off. I pretend like I’m at the end of a yoga session and just drift away.
  9. Rinse! I quick cool shower to get rid of some of the sweat.
  10. I add some oil from Codage and then night cream from Guerlain, bodylotion, then slip on my favorite PJ’s, finish the chapter of my book, turn of the light and bam! Ready to get back into the grind the next day

Let me know if you have any Jet Lag Cures of your own!