This weekend we had our first beautiful day. It was 84 degrees, clear skies, sun and a light breeze. It was perfect and it sent me running to my closet. I have been looking through a lot of vintage photographs from St. Tropez. I love everything about the 60’s and the French Riviera. I also love how French women can stay cool with out sacrificing style or showing much skin. Sometimes I feel that in the Midwest, our shorts and dresses tend it get shorter as the heat climbs.

Here are a few tips for staying stylish during the summer:

  1. Linen: Obviously a summer fabric for good reason. Linen is breathable and airy, but at the same time it allows you to add a little structure.
  2. Skirts: Especially linen skirts. Denim is a little to suffocating for the heat for me.
  3. White: Practical but also very St. Tropez. This weekend I wore all white. I wore these shorts and this top and added this linen top to give a flowing and layered look.
  4. Espadrilles: I have had this pair for 2 years now and they do the job well. These shoes belong with very casual wear, on the weekend or near water. They also belong between Memorial Day and Labor day.
  5. Gold Jewelry: I love gold medallions. They scream French to me and are also really accessible right now. I have been wearing them on and off since I received my first one from my grandmother as a little girl. I also love a signet ring which is another ode to French culture. My number one rule to jewelry is restraint. A statement earring can be awesome, but I’m not a fan of bulky necklaces or bracelets. I much prefer to have something small that is real gold that something really cheap and blingy.
  6. Sunglasses: I love sunglasses and love to have fun with them. I recently splurged on a pair and am really happy with my decision. However, I typically don’t do that because I have a problem with losing them. The glitter just brightens up everything and it makes me feel playful.
  7. Basket/Wicker: There is nothing that says summer more than a basket or woven straw tote. In recent years they have become playful. I loved them but am not getting back to the classic wicker without a lot of extra. I found a Jane Birkin inspired basket on etsy that I can’t get enough of.
  8. Makeup: Less is more! First of all, go with the sunscreen, second find a light bb cream or foundation. I just discovered Guerlain Lingerie de Peau which is amazing! I have never loved a foundation more. I use a bare minerals powder on top if I need any extra coverage. Then a bare minerals lip ligner, a charlotte tilbury lipstick and a YSL gloss for my lips and then I dap it on my cheeks for a dewy blush. Little to no eye makeup. I might do a mascara, then I am good to go. Also, I have very dry skin so I use a Guerlain cream before. My secret is that it’s a night cream so a lot more moisturizing.
  9. I love when American items make it into French staples. These 501 jeans are just amazing.

Those are my tips! I hope you enjoy!